James Harden Got MVP in Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

On March 19, 2018, the Timberwolves seized the challenge of rockets. The Rockets started very well. Harden sent 7 assists in the first quarter to activate the striker group. He scored 24 points in the first half. The Timberwolves began to counterattack and used the last quarter of a conflict to catch up with only the final 5 points. At the last minute, Harden took a three-pointer to end the game. In the end, the Rockets win by 129-120 with the Timberwolves.

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The star of the game: James Harden, scored 34 points, 2 rebounds and 12 assists in 9 of 18 shots. In the first quarter, he sent 7 assists to activate the Rockets’ 3-point shooter. He gradually entered the scoring mode in the second half, at the last minute. After hitting a note, he withdrew his three-pointer to end the game.

Full score (Rockets in front): 38-23, 39-33, 30-35, 22-29

Rockets: Harden 34 points, 4 rebounds and 12 assists, Paul 18 points and 8 rebounds and 9 assists, Capella 16 points and 12 rebounds, Tucker 12 points and 4 rebounds, Anderson 14 points, Green 12 points.

Timberwolves made: Teague 23 points, 6 rebounds and 11 assists, Wiggins 21 points and 2 rebounds, Downs 20 points and 18 rebounds, Belice 15 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, Crawford 20 points and 3 assists, Rose 14 points 3 assists.

Harden single 7 assists activate striker group

In the first quarter, Downs took Cardeella low to start the game for the Timberwolves, and Capella responded with an empty basket. The Minnesota Timberwolves featured Downs and Gibson’s insiders, but only Towns had a relatively stable offense. Rockets Ariza and Tucker hit three points in a row. Harden and Capella’s pick-and-rolls also re-entered, playing for the first time. Wave 7-0 established lead. After the rotation came on line, Wiggins and Crawford hit three points in a row to catch up to three points. Harden caused the killing, then Green scored 5 points, the Rockets responded to a wave of 9-0 and quickly stabilized the war situation, Anderson three points and then the Rockets 32-17 lead 15 points. Before the end of the first quarter, Paul turned to jump again. In the first quarter, the Rockets led the Timberwolves 38-23.

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In the second quarter, Anderson continued to hit three points, leading the Rockets 46-25 to 21 points. Crawford responded with a three-pointer on the right, but Gerald Green had three points on the offensive rebound. Downs continued to play as a Timberwolves to stop the bleeding, but Paul’s breakthrough and the Rockets’ three-pointer left the Timberwolves defensively. The Timberwolves’ offense was more efficient than the first quarter, but the Rockets’ offense continued. After Harden came back, he drew a three-pointer and then broke Downs to kill. The Rockets once again led 20 points or more. Harden sent a free pick to Capella, Paul assisted three points in the corner of Ariza, the Rockets lead up to 24 points, the Timberwolves barely maintain the offensive firepower. At halftime, the Rockets led the Timberwolves by 21 points.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Easy side battle, the Timberwolves finally set off a counterattack, in a minute and a wave of 7-0 hit a small climax to 18 points. Paul caused a three-point foul and Harden continued to send Karpel a free pick. The Timberwolves’ offensive fluency is much better, with the Rockets requesting a suspension after a quarter-final draw to 74-91. The Timberwolves’ counterattack continued. With the fast break and second attack continuing to narrow the points difference, Teague made 13 points after both free throws. Anderson caused the killing and injury to finally break the rocket deadlock. Then Paul led the team to two fast breaks and the difference returned to around 20 points. Crawford continued to chase points in consecutive casts and the Rockets kept responding. At the end of the third quarter, the Rockets 107-91 continued to lead the Timberwolves.

Harden’s key three-point lock victory

In the final game, when the Timberwolves caught up with only 13 points left, Gee and Paul collided with each other on a floor ball. Eventually Gerald Green was expelled from the field, and Geon had a technical foul. However, this conflict made the Timberwolves’ counterattack more fierce, Teague made two free throws, and Rose made a layup to recover 9 points. Pause back, or Rose grabbed the offensive rebounds, the Timberwolves chasing 7 points. Paul singled out Crawford scored, Harden only eats Geon, and the Rockets stabilized the game. However, Rose changed the situation on the court, and even dunks had dunks. The Timberwolves chased only 5 points. At the corner of Ariza’s corner, he stopped bleeding in time, and Harden’s personal ability scored 4 points. In the last minute, Harden left the top of the arc and took a three-pointer to the left and the game lost his suspense. In the end, the Rockets lost 129-120 away from the Timberwolves.

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