Panthers will continue to give McCafferty a chance to touch the ball

The final touch of running back Christian McCaffrey’s rookie season was a perfect show of his capability. His NFL Jersey No.22 which will display in the picture below.

Norv Turner became the new attacking coordinator of the Panthers this month. He said that his priority is to ensure that running back Christian McCaffrey can do his best.

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McCaffrey was the first panzer show of the 2017 Panthers. He took most of the offense in his rookie season, led the team by 117 passes, and completed 117 rushes. But Turner said this is just a starting point.

“His rookie year performance was outstanding and exceeded people’s expectations.” Turner commented, “He was able to adapt to his position. This is a rare ability for rookies. His talent is unparalleled. I have to do it.” It is to find a way that allows him to make full use of his ability to continue to give him a chance to touch the ball and give him space for performance. Of course he can find a way out of the tackle to complete the rushing ball, but someone must lead him to progress.

Turner once worked with Darren Sproles in Lightning and was asked if McCafe was to be arranged in the same way. Turner stated that McCaffrey already has a very important position in the offensive group. This is what Spyrus missed.

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