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When the Jaguars drafted Blake Bortles with the third overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, they didn’t do so hoping one day he’d be a game manager. Fast forward to the start of the 2017 season, and most within the Jaguars organization were praying he could even approach being a game manager.

Bortles was coming off a season in which he was one of the worst deep-ball passers ever charted by Pro Football Focus. He had seven interceptions and only one touchdown on deep passes (targeted 20-plus yards downfield) for a passer rating of 17.5. In 12 years of PFF data, no starting quarterback has ever had a lower passer rating on such passes.

Simply put, Bortles was awful, and he gave no indication this preseason that anything had changed. After three seasons as the starter, Bortles was in legitimate danger of losing his job to journeyman Chad Henne jersey.

Then the regular season started and something magical happened in Jacksonville: The team started winning games. It wasn’t because of Bortles initially, but the much-lampooned quarterback was at least not making the crucial mistake to cost them wins. As the season has progressed, he has not only started protecting the ball, but he is also making more and more special throws down the field.

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Now, despite the cheap Blake Bortles jersey, over the past three weeks of the season, no quarterback in the NFL has earned a higher grade than Bortles. The man who has never thrown fewer than 16 interceptions in a full season heading into this season hasn’t made a turnover-worthy throw since Week 12. Given the quality of Jacksonville’s shutdown defense, the rest of the NFL should be terrified.

The cheap Allen Robinson Jersey paradox

The Allen Robinson paradox (also known as the Calvin Johnson Paradox) is the theory that having a true No. 1 receiver without a full complement of ancillary weapons can actually hurt the development of a young quarterback more than it helps. The theory states that instead of working through proper progressions play after play, quarterbacks will force throws to that No. 1 receiver early in their progression even when that option wasn’t actually the best one based on the coverage. The fact that receivers like Johnson and Robinson are capable of making spectacular plays in tight coverage doesn’t mean it’s a good decision to continually provide them chances to do so. The mythical 50-50 ball is not nearly as successful as the name would suggest (end zone fades had a 30 percent success rate leaguewide last year). Remove that receiver from the equation, and now all of a sudden, the quarterback is forced to work within the confines of the offense.

We’ve seen this effect with Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford jersey following the retirement of Johnson, and now we’re seeing it with Bortles. In 2016, Bortles targeted Robinson 144 times — 43 more than any other Jaguars receiver. Of those, he completed only 73, and threw seven interceptions (fifth-most of any QB-WR pairing) for a quarterback rating of 63.5, the lowest when targeting any Jaguars receiver and the fifth-worst of any starting receiver in the NFL.

It’s difficult to look at the numbers above and come to any other conclusion than the proposed paradox. That’s not to say that the receiving corps wouldn’t objectively be better with Allen Robinson (and Allen Hurns) in the lineup. He’s a supremely talented player and will be paid as such this offseason. Rather, the issues lied with Bortles and no one else. But with Robinson out for the season, those issues have subsided in a big way. Bortles is currently setting career-highs in passer rating (89.7), completion percentage (61.0), and interception rate (1.8). And his leading receiver, cheap Marqise Lee jersey, is only 23rd in the NFL with 91 targets on the season.

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It’s no secret that the Jaguars were trying to rein in Bortles’ recklessness as much as possible with their play this season,jerseys from china cheap. One need look no further than his average depth of target over the past three years:

Year aDoT
2015 10.0
2016 8.7
2017 8.1

As the season has worn on, though, Bortles has gotten more adept at understanding when to take his chances down the field. Over the first six games of the season, he was 24 of 62 for 419 yards (6.8 yards per attempt) on throws 10-plus yards downfield with four touchdowns and one interception. Over the last eight, he’s 40 of 83 for 987 yards (11.9 yards per attempt) with eight touchdowns and two interceptions. And Bortles has all but eliminated his turnover-worthy throw problems in the new offense.

Year TWT Rate Rank
2014 4.2% 30th
2015 5.3% 41st
2016 3.5% 20th
2017 2.7% 6th

Over the past three weeks, Bortles has taken his command of the offense to another level. Any way you want to slice his numbers over that span, he has been lethal. He is 8 of 9 on deep passes for 295 yards (32.8 yards per attempt), has a 109.0 passer rating under pressure, a 144.4 passer rating off play-action, and hasn’t made a single turnover-worthy throw. Below is a list of all the quarterbacks who have at one point topped PFF’s grading over any three-week stretch this season:

  • Tom Brady
  • Matt Ryan
  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Philip Rivers
  • Matthew Stafford
  • Blake Bortles

That’s elite company. That’s more than a fluke. It’s not uncommon to see replacement-level quarterbacks put up a high grade for one game or even back-to-back ones, but having three straight dominant performances is special — even if the stretch did come against a trio of defenses dealing with multiple injuries.

Bortles is finally putting together the immense tools that he displayed in college to become a top-5 pick, and the Jaguars are a legitimate Super Bowl contender in the AFC. It’s no longer a guarantee the Jaguars need to add a signal-caller this offseason, and it’s possible their franchise QB has been on the roster all along.

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Peyton Manning jerseys discountJohn Elway is much more clear in mind, the Manning Orange Jersey, the jerseys wholesale news would do sales for the team.

This is jerseys from china cheap not to suggest the first day of NFL free agency went badly for Elway, instead, the quarterback Tony Romo, all the Broncos got from Dallas was an overpriced guard and the run-around from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who’s so full of braunschweiger he should run for president.

OK, let’s be honest. While Elway is worshipped as a football god in Colorado, NFL movers and shakers treated him like a fool Thursday, when the annual free-agent frenzy began. Yes, it was only one day on the NFL calendar. But it was a humbling day for the Broncos, who made no major strides to championship contention.

Calais Campbell, a talented defensive end with family ties to Denver, told Elway to take his contract offer with a hometown discount and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Campbell instead agreed to sign with hapless Jacksonville for $15 million per year, a richer wholesale football jerseys deal than the Broncos were willing to put on the table. Winning is nice, but nothing beats money in pro sports.

And don’t get me started on Romo. I understand and appreciate Elway’s reluctance to pay full retail on any player, especially a 36-year-old quarterback whose clavicle is softer than a month-old avocado.

The problem? By making goo-goo eyes at Romo, the Denver front office has tacitly admitted it’s far from certain either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch can lead the Broncos back to the cheap Super Bowl jerseys. This is weakness that can be smelled from 800 miles away, where down in Big D, Jones reneged on what only naive fools believed was a promise to set Romo free by cutting him.

Rather than releasing Romo, the Cowboys are making a final push to trade him, and all it takes is for one NFL fool to drool over a quarterback. That can’t be regarded as great news for anybody in Denver who wanted to see Romo throwing touchdown passes to Demaryius Thomas, because we’ve already established the Houston Texans are fools, as witnessed by the $72 million contract they gave Brock Osweiler as a free agent in 2016.

Well, exactly one year later, those same Texans bribed Cleveland to haul the hot mess that is Osweiler to Lake Erie, so those NFL geniuses down in Houston could put themselves in position to overpay for Romo. (Good luck with that.)

I like it that Elway establishes his own price for talent, rather than reacting to the madness of the NFL market. Neither warm nor fuzzy, he treats players as if they’re as disposable as printer cartridges. This coldhearted approach to roster-building is Belichickian. Bill Belichick, however, gets away with the strategy in New England because he has the best quarterback of this generation, and Tom Brady can hide a whole lot of holes in the Patriots’ roster.

I’m also worried Elway might discover the quarterback who attracted marquee free agents such as DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward to Denver was named Peyton Manning, not Elway.

Elway has teased everybody, including Emmanuel Sanders and Chris Harris, with the idea this team’s championship chances might be bolstered with Romo or Campbell. In signing 320-pound guard Ronald Leary, Elway is off to a slow start delivering on everybody’s lofty expectations.

Elway might be advised to dig a little deeper into the wallet for talent. Maybe playing for the Broncos isn’t quite the privilege he imagines it to be. Right now, the best thing Denver could trot out at left tackle for the season opener would be a life-size cardboard cutout of Gary Zimmerman.

Cheap doesn’t cut it in Broncos Country.